Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Real Pokka

Comment From 's reader:

First it was Najib that was plotting against him and now Abdullah? Is this the same Abdullah that Anwar demanded a guarantee from before exiting the Turkish embassy for fear of his safety?

Is this the same Abdullah who freed up the courts so Anwar could get a fair appeal and be walking free today?

During the Turkish embassy fiasco Anwar demanded his safety be assured by the police and PM. He then made it a point he had to wear a bullet proof vest whenever he appeared in public. But where are those fears today? Or is it sensationalism?

DSAI had a real opportunity to use PKR as a proving ground for a new system of government in Malaysia. Remember the majority still voted for BN and so PKR have to prove themselves to win the majority.

PKR could have shown that it's ideology can work. Instead DSAI has squandered all that time trying to organise defections to topple the government and make himself PM instead of setting up a working government within the PKR states.


have fun said...

Anwar seems more concentrate on becoming the next PM rather than to strengthen the PKR itself.a better political party may lead people to trust the party more.

if someone wanna murder Anwar,that someone had already did it back when Anwar had his surgery at Germany.

and now he make a personal attack towards the man that released him from the jail,the man that assures his safety during the "murder attempt" on him?.

where have all his bulletproof vest gone?

PleoMax said...

well, these are just classic Anwar' stunts. He can do anything and i mean everything to ensure that he looks good, sympathetic, kind and loving to rakyat.
But instead he's actually more politically motivated to bring back his career than 'wasting his precious time' thinking about the people's issues

sokong_kerajaan said...

Anwar Ibrahim is not honest in his fight to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia because he will be a puppet Prime Minister.

The real masters will be the ones defending him against his sodomy charges...

Malaysia is not USA where the gays and lesbians have freedom to do whatever what they want.

Anonymous said...

anwar mana berani bersumpah sebab dia kata sumpah tu berdosa. dia kene tanya amerika terlebih dahulu sebelum nak bersumpah ke tak. nik aziz mmg pandai cakap tapi tak serupa bikin sbb tu kalau boleh sampai mampos dia nak jadi mb.