Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anwar - 5000 dijemput hanya 100 yang datang

Apa yang digelar tunjuk perasaan rasaksa 5000 orang oleh KEJAM akhirnya menjadi lawak jenaka apabila hanya ada 100 orang yang hadir. Jika dicampur dengan SB berpakaian biasa dan mereka yang ingin tahu, jumlah sebenar pembela tertuduh liwat ini hanyalah sekitar 50 orang.

Shamsul Iskandar perlu bertanya kepada diri sendiri apakah penyokong Pas, PKR dan DAP sendiri mahu terbabit dengan pembelaan jalanan ini? Bukankah Anwar sepatutnya membela diri di dalam mahkamah?

Pro-Anwar rally: 'March' ado about nothing -

Claims that massive rally in support of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim would be held, turned to be just that when only a handful of people turned up at the Jalan Duta court complex for his second sodomy charge in 10 years.

Yesterday, PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar said the movement was trying to gather 5,000 to march to the court complex to protest against the charge which they say is trumped up.

This morning, fewer than 100 supporters - most of them wearing black - were seen at the court complex where they briefly chanted 'Long live Anwar' and 'Reformasi' under the watch of a similar number of police personnel.

Even the police did not buy the mass-rally claim and did not bother with the obligatory roadblocks leading towards the court complex, in sharp contrast to the first few times that Anwar was brought there last year which saw hundreds of PKR supporters gathering.

Shamsul explained that many supporters had gotten wind last night that the case would most likely be postponed, as it is a known fact that Anwar's lead counsel Sulaiman Abdullah was still under observarion in hospital.

"A lot of people thought the case would be postponed. The trial also coincides with the Manek Urai by-election (in Kelantan). A lot of our people are there," he said.

However, he hopes that a bigger crowd can be assembled on July 15 when the trial resumes.

'March' ado about nothing

Earlier today, Shamsul led some 30 party supporters from the Jalan Duta bus station in a march towards the court complex some 500 metres away.

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